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3d investors is a family business with 25 years of experience in long-term investments and property development. We are builders and help entrepreneurs make their visions come true. With ambition, an eye for the right people, and common sense, we make the difference.


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Audioprof Group International

Digital-native and fast-growing leader in IT products

Together with 3d investors, DSIT continues its European expansion in online distribution.
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How Apart Audio became a top-notch global audio expert

Thanks to a professionalization track and a successful acquisition, Apart Audio grew from a passion project to an international success story in just a few years’ time.
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Health innovation at Plastiflex

Together with 3d investors, Plastiflex is taking its business to the next level by conquering the healthcare market with its revolutionary uniformly heated hoses. It is an illustration of how a long-term sustainable partnership enabled both product and market innovation.
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Our strategy

We are passionate about investing in companies and people we believe in. Together, we build companies by focusing on innovation, internationalization and organizational development.
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Our strategy


real estate

real estate

real estate

In 2009, 3d started its own project development initiative under the name 3d real estate. As with all our activities, our real estate actions focus on sustainability and respect.
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