Pauwels Consulting acquires Dutch company 4People

27 january 2023
Pauwels Consulting acquires Dutch company 4People

Pauwels Consulting, the Belgian project sourcing specialist in life sciences, engineering and IT, is acquiring its Dutch competitor 4People.

The Dutch company 4People is specialized in secondment and placing of executives in construction, infrastructure & environment and engineering and employs over 200 people nationwide. Its vision is to help their clients build a livable future through knowledge-sharing of cutting-edge technologies.

Together with 3d investors, Pauwels Consulting has already made 12 acquisitions in 7 years and the turnover has increased sixfold from €25 million to €149 million. After this acquisition, the Pauwels Consulting team has more than 1,500 experts in the fields of life sciences, engineering and IT.

Pauwels Consulting successfully built a solid organization in the Netherlands in less than three years. Following four acquisitions of specialised ICT and engineering consulting companies in the Netherlands, 4People now brings significant engineering knowledge to the group. 

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