Pauwels Consulting

Sustainable growth for Pauwels Consulting with ‘buy & build’ strategy

Pauwels Consulting, specialist in outsourcing highly skilled profiles in IT, engineering and life sciences, was established in 1999. The company was the follow-up to a student job of founder Bert Pauwels and has been growing steadily ever since. In 2016, Bert brought 3d investors as partner on board capable of supporting him in his ambitious growth plans at home and abroad.

From the very beginning, CEO Bert Pauwels always had big dreams for his company. The goal was always to grow profitably. To achieve this, a combination of organic growth and acquisitions was the right route. Pauwels Consulting was looking for a partner to act as a strategic sounding board and with the financial power and experience to pursue a dynamic growth and acquisition policy.

Further growth in the future

Since 3d investors joined in as shareholder in January 2016, Pauwels Consulting has already made 12 acquisitions and the outsourcing specialist has sixfold its turnover from €25 million to €149 million. With the acquisitions in the Netherlands of ORMIT in 2018, (IT) and Bruggenbouwers (Engineering) in 2020, Open Web and DCI (IT) in 2021, Science@Work in 2022 and 4People (Engineering) in 2023, Pauwels Consulting is also making its international ambitions a reality.