On an international quest with Aspel

Since the start of their collaboration with 3d investors, they have grown into an international player in the market for plastic automotive parts. Through daring takeovers, strategic agreements and the initiation of two greenfield projects between 2000 and 2005, they now record an annual turnover around 35 million euros.

A healthy dose of daring

In the period between 2000 and 2005, 3d investors bought three Belgian companies, which they united under the Aspel Group. 3d investors and Aspel soon realised that they would be unable to serve their market from this local level – necessitating a strong commitment to internationalization. Aspel kicked off the simultaneous construction of two greenfield projects in Mexico and Slovakia, and also concluded an agreement with a Chinese partner.

A healthy dose of daring

“What we achieved together at the beginning of the millennium bears witness to an ambitious vision, as well as quite a bit of courage”, says Vincent Pairet, CEO of Aspel. “Without that bold approach, Aspel – a small player in a challenging industry – would have never reached its current position and might not even exist today. The fact that 3d investors was already proposing initiatives in Mexico, Slovakia and China at that early stage is now bearing fruit.”

Self-knowledge as the greatest asset

Vincent Pairet: “This cooperation has been very constructive from the very beginning. 3d investors is aware of its strengths and limits. Within the management team, they are able to optimally supplement their own capacities with the right people. This ensures healthy cross-fertilization; we benefit from each other’s strengths and reinforce each other. They are facilitators. Hans Swinnen of 3d investors assists us by providing both his financial insight and his marketing expertise. Aspel, on the other hand, provides the technical knowledge, and we also complement each other when it comes to commercial insight.”

What we achieved together, took a lot of courage. Without that bold approach, we would have never reached our current position.

Vincent Pairet, CEO Aspel