3d investors expands to the Netherlands with investment into Care Cosmetics

20 october 2020
3d investors expands to the Netherlands with investment into Care Cosmetics

Alongside founder Duco Van Keimpema, 3d investors will accelerate the growth ambitions of Care Cosmetics, the Dutch market leader in cosmetics for beauticians.

Care Cosmetics was founded in 1996 by Duco Van Keimpema. The company, with approximately 80 employees and locations in Barendrecht, Breda and Maaseik (Belgium), is the largest supplier for beauticians in the Benelux region. The company represents 30 internationally renowned brands such as RoC and Guinot as well as their own brand Pascaud. Today, Care Cosmetics has a client base of over 2500 loyal beauticians as well as several large retail clients. The company’s yearly revenues have grown to approximately €20 million.

After almost 25 years, attracting a business partner was a logical next step for Duco Van Keimpema: “In times of recessions, people spend less money on cars and holidays, however, they spend more rather than less on personal care products. We have been growing tremendously recently, which is why there are multiple strategic choices we can make to accelerate future growth.”

The good cultural fit between 3d investors and Care Cosmetics was confirmed quickly. Investment Director Nicolas Sneyers: “In general the market is at the start of a period of further consolidation, internationalization and digitalization. Our expertise in these matters, the excellent reputation of Care and the cultural fit turns out to be the right combination. It is now up to the team of Care Cosmetics and 3d investors to determine the right steps going forward.”

Van Keimpema adds that it is possible to consider a further expansion of the product range: “There are multiple trends in the market right now such as cosmetic products for men or socially responsible cosmetics (e.g. sustainable cosmetics). We could also expand the product line to include more self-owned brands or supplemental beauty products. Lastly, we would like to grow more in the Belgian market where it is our aim to become market leader within the next 3 years. In this same time period we would like to successfully roll out our operations in Germany, where the first brand commitments have already been secured”

In the new ownership structure Duco Van Keimpema will remain involved in Care Cosmetics as a significant shareholder. Operationally, he will focus more on strategic questions, acquisitions and internationalization. “Our clients and brands will barely notice this new situation. At most, our slogan ‘No Limits’, will become even more meaningful now that we’ve partnered up with 3d investors.”

For more information on Care Cosmetics: https://carecosmetics.nl/