Jati & Kebon

Exclusive designer brand of outdoor furniture with its focus on the world

Jati & Kebon, based in Nazareth, with more than 25 years of experience designing, producing and selling outdoor furniture. Together with 3d investors, who entered the family business with a majority stake in 2022, Johan Verbeke and the management will continue to focus on its international growth plans.

Johan Verbeke, founder of the company: "The entry of 3d investors in our enterprise is a well-considered decision, which fits within our ambition to further expand Jati & Kebon internationally. With 3d investors, we are bringing complementary "business builders" on board, who will help develop the company's strong growth potential, but always preserve the existing corporate culture. I am excited to work with the management team and 3d investors to continue building our unique company over the next few years."

The story of Jati & Kebon can be dated back to 1995 when the company started with selling teak furniture. Over the years, under the leadership of Johan Verbeke, the company grew into a global player and established its name within the outdoor furniture segment. With three production facilities in Asia supplemented by a team of 350 people, Jati & Kebon serves customers in more than 30 countries through its own brand and private label. Among other things, the company has built a strong position in North-America through years of partnerships with strong online and omnichannel retailers. 

Belgium is the Silicon Valley of outdoor furniture

Flanders is characterised as a pioneer within the exclusive and stylish outdoor furniture segment. Belgium, along with Italy, is named the Silicon Valley of outdoor furniture. With Jati & Kebon as an international player with a strong focus on quality, flexibility and customers, 3d investors sees the potential to further expand the company's growth in North-America, Asia and Europe over the coming years.

Belgium is the Silicon Valley of outdoor furniture