Innovation and cutting-edge design in outdoor lighting (low voltage)

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Outdoor lighting from in-lite lets you discover how your garden can truly come to life after dark. The magic of lighting with the right intensity, the right balance and the most stunning contrasts provides an experience you never dreamed possible. We call this the ‘in-lite moment’. 


For over 20 years, in-lite has been developing the perfect light for outdoor spaces. This has resulted in some of the most true-to-life lighting available in the market. Thanks to the right knowledge, products and service, in-lite shows what lighting can do for your outdoor space – and it’s anything but complicated. The system operates at low voltage, making it easy and safe for anyone to install. The fixtures are fitted with high-quality LEDs, which translates into low energy consumption and light that is as natural and inviting as possible.

Everything from the tallest tree to the smallest plant can be attractively illuminated with in-lite products. And the in-lite app lets you easily switch your lighting on and off, resulting in maximum convenience and complete control. Both coloured lighting and dimming are possible, so you can create new effects, contrasts and different colour combinations. In no time at all, you can transform your outdoor space into a magical place that can be enjoyed until the late hours of the night.

The partnership between in-lite and 3d investors will help the company to expand globally and become a truly global brand. Get inspired at